Line Maintenance

Within this sector currently are included 3 services:

a)    Railway Lines Maintenance Service – (including superstructure and substructure) where in this service are incorporated 5 working units which are:

–  Fushe Kosove PMLH Unit;

– Kaçanik PMLH Unit;

– Drenas PMLH Unit;

– Kline PMLH; and

– Leposaviq PMLH Unit.

b) Mechanization Service, and

c) Maintenance Service for Buildings and Central Heating.

In this Sector during the period January – June 2012 were performed important works which in coordination with works in other sectors made that railway continues its raising, amongst other were performed these tasks as well: ice and snow cleaning in the level crossings, switches and tunnels; ignition of central heating as well as observation of its work during the winter season; technical control of switches; cleaning of the watercourse channels; cleaning of profile (cutting of thorns close to railway); liming of offices; arrangement of track geometry with Plasser machine; lubrication and processing of track bolts; replacement of sleepers in track and switches; aluminum thermal welding of track; repair of palisade in the greenery; reparation of plasser machines; drying of grass in railway etc.