Actual condition of Signalling-Security equipment

Investments have been done after the war for repairing these stations and for the moment 14 stations have been repaired and are functioning with the electro-relay system Energoinvest-ERICSSON. These stations are in the main railway line Hani i Elezit-Leshak (150 km).

In the railway line Hani i Elezit-Leshak 19 level-crossings have been automated with the electro-relay system of type ERICSSON.

Two station in Fushë Kosova, the Passenger and the Freight stations, have been repaired. The System is equipped with the relay equipment dependable on the signals of the mobile type “Kirilo Saviq”.

18 other stations are not secured yet, from which few are planned to be secured in the near future with new electronic systems.

Actual condition of interlinking equipment

For the moment, the telecommunication equipment used for the regulation of the traffic are: cable system Hani i Elezit-Fushë Kosovë 65 km, an underground telephone system STKA is used with the central centre ARF 102/K in Fushë Kosovë and the sub-central in Ferizaj of typeS-180 TESLLA. Along this railway line Hani i Elezit-Fushë Kosovë in each stations we have the dispatcher central of type ATB-803.

The air telephone lines do not exist anymore and their repairing is not planned.

For the moment other stations where the cable system STKA and the air communication do not function, the communication is done through the system of radio-handsets consisting of three repeaters (Mountains of Berisha, Mountains of Kaçanik and the pinnacle of Cernusha). The conversations through radio-handsets are recorded in a registration machine.

For the moment we are laying the optical cable along all the railway lines for the needs of the railways and the clients.

With the modernization of Kosovo Railways at the beginning of 2008 we have finalized the installation of signaling equipment – the Axel Counter for the control of segments between two stations. These equipment have been installed in five railway segments between stations in the railway line Hani i Elezit-Lipjan. The characteristics of this equipment are the fiber optics used as a transmission medium between two stations (photo 1.) For the receipt of information from the sensor this equipment uses cables with copper fibers (photo 2.).     The aim for installing this equipment is completion of Central Traffic Control system (CTC). After the installation of optical cables, in 13 stations active optical equipment have been installed through which we have placed the telephone lines in stations and the center in Fushe Kosova. Optical cables and active optical equipment are being used for the transfer of data-control and command from the station in CTC center and vice-versa.