Activities within the sector


In the level of this sector are performed these services:

-permanent inspections of Railway lines: replacement of rails with consumed head, sleepers, sleepers in switches, replacement of sleepers in track and finely material for track as well as conduct of inspection and measuring of switches and rails – Arrangement of track geometry with Plasser machines – Maintenance of KR buildings as well as maintenance of central heating of KR premises – Construction and maintenance of industrial tracks etc.


In the level of this sector for maintenance of railway lines currently in possession are these equipments:

All minor equipments for works in track (equipment for rail cuttings, rail puncture, sleepers puncture, fastening and release of bolts, for rail lining in short lengths) whereas the machinery equipment operated by mechanization service are: Plaser SSP-103, 08-16,  07-16, excavator T-4300, heavy motor Robell No. 5417 as well as 8 light railway motors (bogeys). All these equipments are for the maintenance of railway lines.